Think of global markets right from the start

For the past decade, Market Entry Camps have assisted the most promising startups to connect with thriving ecosystems in the world’s leading innovation hubs and to establish a foothold in new markets abroad.

Innosuisse promotes the partnership between academia and the market with innovation projects, networking, training and coaching, laying the groundwork for successful Swiss startups, products and services. Innosuisse partners with swissnex to offer the Market Entry Camps for global expansion:

What we offer


Targeted intros

Relevant contacts in the local ecosystem like partners, investors, mentors. At swissnex’s discretion.


Office hours

Weekly peer learning sessions with other startups and/or the swissnex team to exchange solutions and discuss progress.


Toolbox sessions

Expert sessions in US law, fundraising, marketing, growth, pitching, strategy and more. Depends on camp dates.


Office space

At swissnex locations around the world (desk, meeting rooms, event space).


No cost, no equity

Innosuisse even offers stipends towards travel and accommodation. This is offered as a public service of Innosuisse.


The above camp services are available in different lengths for different purposes:

  • Market Validation Camps | The shorter Market Validation Camp is geared towards early stage startup companies looking to test their product and experiment with their business model in an ecosystem abroad. Depending on location, this ranges from 1 week – 1 month.
  • Market Entry Camps | The longer Market Entry Camp is an acceleration program for Swiss startup companies who are committed to entering a market abroad and building up a presence. Depending on location, this camp ranges from 2 weeks – 3 months.
  • Fact Finding Missions | Fact finding missions help Swiss startups gather intelligence – the equivalent of a remote camp.

How to Apply

The Market Validation and Market Entry Camps are open to all Swiss startups in the Innosuisse Startup coaching program (pre- or post-label). Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis. Acceptance is based on predefined thresholds for quality, maturity, and fit for the respective market. Even if you are not an Innosuisse startup yet, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

1) Apply for Innosuisse coaching acceptance

See if the Innosuisse program is a good fit for your startup and apply for Innosuisse coaching acceptance. Questions? Drop us a line here or contact us directly and we’ll set up a call to discuss.

2) Apply for camp

Once your startup has Innosuisse coaching acceptance, drop us a line here or contact us directly and we’ll set up a call to discuss what you’re looking to achieve. After that, we only need 2 documents from you:

  • Recommendation letter from your Innosuisse coach (is the timing right for you now?).
  • Milestones (proposed) in the form below.

3) Acceptance

Your application is reviewed by representatives of Innosuisse and swissnex. Once accepted you’ll receive:

  • The camp program
  • Initial targeted introductions to prepare you for your stay
  • Any date can be managed

Locations & Contact Info


New York, USA – As the capital of the financial world, NYC is best to promote your FinTech services. Additionally, this region is well-known for its creativity-driven innovation in fields such as E-commerce, FoodTech, Media, Fashion, Digital Art, and SportsTech. As the 2nd biggest region for Venture Capital money and the largest US city in terms of students, NYC has it all to help you grow your business.
ContactOliver Haugen

Boston, USA – The Greater Boston Area is not only well-known for prestigious universities, it is also packed with excellent research facilities, incubators/accelerators and investors are plentiful. Boston is the best location in the US for any Life Sciences (biotech, medtech, digital health, etc.) startup. Besides that, the CleanTech sector doubled its size in the past years and Manufacturing is also a very strong field.
ContactPhilippe Labouchère

San Francisco, USA – With the Silicon Valley and its highly educated, savvy workforce, plus a thriving Venture Capital scene, San Francisco is one of the most innovative places in the world by many measures. This is definitely the place to be for innovative startups in the fields of Tech, Robotics, and Information Technology.
ContactNicholas Dunkel

London, UK – Contact: Lutz Peter-Berg

Sao Paolo & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Contact: Sylvia Romanelli

Shanghai, China – Contact: Lijun Zhang

Bangalore, India – Contact: Prateek Khare