Our Start-up in Residence (Nov): HappyNumbers from EPFL

Last month, we had the pleasure to welcome a new start-up in our CTI Market Entry Camp program, Happynumbers (Azbooka SA).

HappyNumbers offers a software to teach mathematics to young children, where the emphasis is put on individual learning. HappyNumbers’ co-founder Evgeny Milyutin successfully completed a PhD at EPFL in 2011, before launching his own company. Evgeny is familiar with swissnex as he was one of the Venture Leaders in 2009.

He entered the CTI Market Entry Camp in New York on October 23 and left on November 19, with the goals of:

  • ·         Gaining insights from local teachers community;
  • ·         Gaining feedback from teachers and kids on his product, and;
  • ·         Acquiring customers.

Besides the usual perks, swissnex supported Evgeny by putting him in touch with relevant contacts in New York, the US’s largest public school district, organizing 15 interviews with teachers and decision-makers from the local education sector. While our work greatly contributed to raise awareness about HappyNumbers’s solution, two of these prospects resulted in projects of pilot studies in two schools in Manhattan. In parallel, HappyNumbers substantially increased the number of subscriptions on their website worldwide.

Evgeny also had the opportunity to present his start-up and the ways he is benefiting from the CTI program to Swiss Ambassadors Martin Dahinden and André Schaller during a visit of our offices.

In addition, we sponsored a happy hour event at COWORK.RS, our co-working space in Midtown Manhattan. We served Swiss cheese, chocolate and coffee, and gave a quick presentation about our activities before turning the floor over to Evgeny for an overview of HappyNumbers.

It’s good to know that we have a place to come to and work from when we are in New York City,” confided Evgeny. “The swissnex label helped us to gain credibility with the teachers,” he continued.

Evgeny will return next near to complete his three-month Market Entry Camp.

To learn more about his start-up, visit: http://happynumbers.com/