US Market Entry Camp: Pessoss in NYC

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Meet the newest member of the CTI US Market Entry Camp in New York , Swiss start-up Pessoss AG! Pessoss is currently working out of the CTI desk of the New York Outpost of swissnex Boston. Pessoss CEO and co-founder Gian Saner is taking advantage of his stay in Manhattan to pitch to potential customers and meet with investors and foundations throughout the New York tech scene.

Pessoss AG developed cloud based service and builds on existing IT infrastructure as used by aid organizations. It works with every internet-enabled computer and project participants require only a simple mobile phone. In New York, Gian aims at reaching out to the leading international organizations, NGO's and foundations that funded projects in the field.

The CTI US Market Entry Camp  New York will assist Gian Saner with its first contact with the US Market through mentoring sessions, targeted introductions, and access to infrastructure in the heart of Manhattan.