swissnex and Swiss entrepreneurs present at Internet Week New York 2014

As an official partner of the event, swissnex invited a group of most promising Swiss internet start-ups to join the Swiss booth at Metropolitan Pavilion, the epicenter of the Internet Week New York 2014 from May 19- May 23. The four days long festival provided the Swiss entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase and pitch their products in front the Internet and digital media community of New York.

The Swiss start-up exhibitors included:

- Gbanga, an award-winning location-aware massive multiplayer mobile game (LMMOG), often described as an alternative reality game (ARG), a trans-reality game (TRG) or mixed-reality entertainment. 

DealMarket, a global online platform for fundraising and deal flow management – a one-stop shop for Private Equity. 

Instahive, a social app that focuses on building temporary micro-communities around events.

Headstore, opens a new business channel to sell know-how, information, advice, online through live video-communication.

Special appearance: 

- flatev, a revolutionary tortilla maker using fresh dough capsules for your house tortilla parties. 

Internet Week New York celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and global impact of technology on business, entertainment and culture. The event gathered the Tech community of New York around panel discussions and workshops. Launched on Monday May 19th with an opening speech of Major de Blasio on the importance of the digital technologies for the improvement of the city, it was the occasion for companies and internet hobbyists to network and to catch the upcoming trends in the industry.