Our Start-up in Residence: UrbanFarmers


We are delighted to present the newest CTI Swiss start-up in residence in our New York outpost: UrbanFarmers, the leading urban agriculture company. Founder & CEO Roman Gaus spent the first week of his CTI Market Entry Camp in meetings when not exploring the rooftops of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and followed in the footsteps of his colleague Director Project Development Fabian Weinländer, who visited last month.


UrbanFarmers' value proposition is tailor-made for the wide array of commercial properties up for adaptive reuse in New York City. Indeed, why not grow fresh food directly on your roof? UrbanFarmers stands to revolutionize the idea of food growth in a large urban environment. UrbanFarmers guarantees ultra-fresh, ultra-local vegetables and fish produced in the heart of the city. In addition, UrbanFarmers optimizes space by renting empty rooftop spaces. The benefits for tenants are multiple and include the elimination of maintenance cost of the roof and savings on energy costs through better roof insulation.

Roman Gaus, CEO and co-founder of UrbanFarmers took this opportunity to meet investors, real estate agents and potential clients in New York.

To learn more about UrbanFarmers, visit http://urbanfarmers.com/