Beekeeper, the new CTI startup in residence

October saw the visit of Beekeeper, which offers a high-quality tool for staff communication regardless of geographic distance, allowing to “connect the unconnected” within big organizations. This means that companies that have large numbers of non-desktop workers can integrate them with the rest of the organization through a customizable app, making communication simpler, more efficient and keeping teams more engaged. Beekeeper’s cutting-edge solution is well suited to such industries as hospitality, retail, logistics, manufacturing, food & beverage, transportation, NGOs, event management, and financial services.

As part of his CTI US Market Entry camp in New York, CEO and Co-founder Cristian Grossman met with potential investors and clients, including hotels and hospitality groups where many employees, like housekeepers and room service, do not work in front of a PC.

To learn more about Beekeeper, visit their website