Watch our Last Webinar on the Media Landscape in NYC -Not to be Missed!

Fourth and last episode of our series of start-up webinars, organized with the support of the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI):

For the last start-up webinar on the US Market, we analyzed the media landscape in New York and the best strategies to break into Silicon Alley from an entrepreneur’s perspective. We got the best of both worlds with our two expert guests: Bonnie Halper, Editor-in-Chief at AlleyWatch, the tech reference in the Silicon Alley; and Fabian Pfortmüller, Co-Founder at Holstee, and a successful Swiss entrepreneur in NYC.

Bonnie and Fabian shared their experience with the media and start-up scene in New York and gave our audience tips on how to successfully establish an online presence in Silicon Alley. The discussion was interspersed with questions from our live followers. If you missed the live version, you can find the video below and on YouTube

Watch and learn more about the best tips for a perfect pitch to NYC tech newsmakers. The presentation focuses on:

  • Relationship building and approaching the media: advice for effective networking in New York
  • Pitfalls of bad story-telling: know your product, practice your pitch, or hire a competent writer
  • Expand the scope of your outreach: use both the professional tech press and new media
  • Key Take Aways for your start-up: network - relationships - bloggers - stories

This webinar is part of a series aimed at educating Swiss start-ups about the US business landscape and equip them with a “toolkit” to navigate in unchartered waters. For a broader picture of the US market, watch webinars from our swissnex colleagues in Boston and San Francisco ! And you can even find similar resources from our colleagues in Bangalore, with webinars from swissnex India.


Start-Up Webinar: "The Media Scene - How to Leverage NYC's Dense Media Scene to Your Start-Up's Advantage"