Swissnex Junior Project Manager featured as “Swiss of the Day”

Last Monday, Cyril Racchetta, Junior Project Manager at swissnex Boston’s New York outpost, was featured as the “Swiss of The Day” on

In the article Cyril shares his background, the steps that brought him to New York, and his experience as a new resident in the Big Apple.

Cyril says of swissnex:

« [at the swissnex New York outpost,] we focus on technology, innovation and higher education…we help Swiss start-ups enrolled in the CTI program (the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation) to expand their activities in the US with our two accelerating programs, called "camps"… This year, we will hit 300 start-ups who came through the doorsteps of swissnex Boston and NYC… »

He goes on to describe swissnex’s larger goal, « Positioning Switzerland as a central hub for innovation by promoting Swiss research and entrepreneurship internationally, this is a job that makes our country move forward »


Moving our country forward? This is precisely the mission of

Created by two young Swiss entrepreneurs, Alexandre Imhoff and Frederic Perret , aims to bring down the "Rostigraben," which translates roughly to the “roesti curtain,” referencing the cultural and political divide between the French and German regions in the Switzerland.

They explain:

« The idea is to encourage contributors to transmit information that can positively challenge the Swiss economy and the Swiss entrepreneurial world, through sharing life stories, discussing any exciting current topic, expressing opinions, to promote one’s own projects and businesses, share investment ideas, or “Made in Switzerland” innovations.»

Here at swissnex, we are proud to support Swiss entrepreneurs and invite everyone to share and contribute on

To read the full article, please click here for French, or here for English