EPFL+ECAL Lab at Wanted Design, New York

The EPFL+ECAL lab is presenting its latest exhibition ”Under Pressure” at New York’s Design Week “Wanted Design”. Thousands of New Yorkers flocked to Brooklyn on May 9th, when “Wanted Design” kicked off the 10 day Design Week. swissnex Boston and its New York Office is proud to support the fascinating, research-based exhibit “Under Pressure – Designing Densified Wood”.

Soft to the touch, yet as hard and dense as precious tree species from the tropical rainforest, this wood surprisingly stems from fast growing spruce, easy to cultivate in many countries. The EPFL+ECAL Lab, an award winning Swiss laboratory exploring the potential of emerging technologies through design, is back in New York after showcasing design exhibits at Eyebeam and Parsons in the past years to present how the amazing scientific performance of densified wood can be turned into real objects. The exhibition at Wanted Design Brooklyn/ Industry city from May 9th -19th, involves works from Paul Cocksedge, Chris Kabel, Normal Studio, Big-Game and Lea Longis. An extraordinary and certainly unique exhibition, which is a must-see for everyone with an interest in sustainable design. Learn more here