Swiss Style Now

This NYC exhibition, which was up in September, served as an overview of what’s happening now in Swiss graphic design: 150 excellent works from 100 Swiss graphic designers and studios were showcased - and it was spectacular. We recently come across photos taken by Laura Mircik-Sellers, which showcase the work beautifully. Enjoy! (See full collection after the break.) 

Swiss Style Now was made possible by the Herb Lubalin CenterThe Cooper Unionswissnex Boston and its New York OutpostCanton of GenevaThe Consulate General of Switzerland in New York, and PRS. Curated by Erich Brechbül, Noel Leu, Xavier Erni and Alexander Tochilovsky; shown at the 41 Cooper Gallery. 

From the Catalogue

“The aesthetic of Swiss style is the famous model of graphic design of the 1950s and 1960s, best known for its use of minimal grid-based systems and its cold, impersonal approach. It was born during an era of heavy industrialization when there was a need for a simple visual language that could be understood by many within international trades. Today, design and advertising has changed but Swiss graphic design, with its important role in design history, is still often reduced to those clichés. The philosophy of the pioneers of Swiss design, with their strict rulesand grids, has had an influence on contemporary Swiss designers, but the Swiss style today is much more  diverse, emotional and fun.

The exhibition will present an overview of Swiss graphic design from the last five years to reveal a wide range of approaches, techniques and media utilized by contemporary designers. It will feature around 150 works from different generations, showcasing different motivations and influences. It will offer an insight in the fascination for details, experimentation and craftsmanship that goes into creating visionary new designs. The visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to draw their own conclusions as to what they view as being Swiss style now.”