Meet the Venture Leaders 2016!

The “Swiss startup team” has been selected for the US journey as part of the program venture leaders, co-organized by venturelab and the swissnex Boston New York Outpost. The venture leaders in Technology team, composed of 10 high potential startups, will fly to New York this summer for a “business boosting” week which will enable them to accelerate their development on the US market, meet top investors and experts. Selected after a highly competitive process, the team offers an amazing display of startups to watch for future success. Stay connected for details on our events related to the Venture Leaders' New York visit in early June!  


Alberto Hernando, SthAR (software), EPF Lausanne
Algorithms that draw on large quantities of telecommunications data to identify where and when to deliver a message most effectively. The software product could be useful in both electoral and advertising campaigns.

Alexandre Catsicas, Artmyn (software), EPF Lausanne
A unique digitizing service setting new standards in the way Fine Art can be experienced and promoted on screen, via a web browser, accessible from any mobile device.

Andreas Hempel, embotech GmbH (software), ETH Zurich
Software that transforms the way to build and design optimal decision making systems such as autonomous machines. This reduces development cost, and increases productivity and reliability of anything from dishwashers to complex air traffic control systems, in fields such as automotive, robotics, and even healthcare.

Daniel Meier, Aerotain (engineering), ETH Zurich
Fun and interactive flying solutions to boost the attention and coverage of brands and products. Applications range from advertisement and entertainment to live streams of events from the air. Check an example in video here

Elias Kleimann, Wingtra (engineering), ETH Zurich
Wingtra develops a convertible aerial robot that takes off and lands like a helicopter, but flies like a plane. Thanks to the combination of range and flexibility, the fully autonomous Wingtra 1 is best suited for various civil applications, i.e. for the inspection of farmland, mining or even for parcel delivery. Check out their video here

Julien Moix, FieldWiz (engineering), HES-SO
FieldWiz is a strategy and physical performance tracking system for outdoor team sports players. It is a standalone device worn on a player’s back to collect statistics, which are synchronized at the end of the game or practice. Check out their video here

Mathias Haussmann, Uepaa AG (web, mobile), ETH spin-off
Uepaa is a quickly growing «peer-to-peer» software company (SaaS) based in Zurich Switzerland that enables developers to integrate proximity features into their apps. Internationally awarded for its disruptive p2p safety app in 2013, the company launched its Software Development Kit (SDK called in October 2015. Uepaa has already seen tremendous uptake, with over 300+ clients from over 40 countries. Additionally Uepaa was recognized by 451 Research among others, as being a first-mover and leader in the proximity-based services space! Find out more in the video

Michela Puddu, Haelixa (materials), ETH Zurich
Haelixa provides intelligent DNA-based tracing solutions allowing fluid/item tracking and parameter monitoring (temperature, light, pH, oxidants) to support the energy industry (underground exploration and monitoring), and ensure product authentication and quality control as well as liability management.
Olivier Hamel, Prodibi (web, mobile), Geneva
A high-quality, powerful and easy solution to showcase images beautifully. With Prodibi, brands can directly use their images online without costly optimization.

Timo Steitz, ShoeSize.Me AG (web, mobile), St. Gallen
ShoeSize.Me offers data-driven business intelligence solutions to footwear retailers and brands. Their core solution enables online shops to provide their customers with precise shoe size recommendations for every shoe model they want to buy.