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Made possible by the support of CTI and the Gebert-Rüf Stiftung, the Market Entry Camp offers tailored business development programs- including office space & coaching and mentoring sessions- to CTI start-up companies. The Camp is geared towards start-ups looking to enter the US Market or to validate their product by collecting feedback from innovation leaders in Silicon Alley, New York's fast growing tech ecosystem. The visiting entrepreneurs can benefit from tailored advice and connections from the swissnex team and local mentors while our office space as their launchpad for their first steps in the US.

We understand that all start-ups don't encounters the same needs in the international development, depending on the nature of their industry or their stage of development. To better match specific requests, swissnex and CTI offers two different types of program:

The Market Entry Camp

Target: Born global startups with initial traction who want to acquire customers, find partners and hire collaborators in the US. 

Goal: Boost your startup’s growth. In two or three months you can build up a local presence, acquire new customers and strengthen relationships to existing ones. Talk to users, clients and investors to vet your product and business model. Boost the growth of your network by attending events and connecting with peers, corporations, research labs, service providers or talents for your company. Read More about the program perks.

The Market Validation Camp

Target: Early-stage / stealth mode start-ups

Goal:  Validate your product and business model. The Validation Camp is your opportunity to test your ideas directly with other visionary creators, early adopters and important investors willing to place their bet on the next big thing. Getting market feedback in a timely manner requires strong connections to innovation leaders – users, corporate partners, research labs, or investors. Read More about the program perks.

Eligibility & Contact

All startups in the CTI coaching program may apply for our programs. If you’re not in the CTI program, consider joining it. Send your inquiry to nyoutpost@swissnexboston.org or fill out our form. 

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