Target: Born global startups with initial traction who want to acquire customers, find partners and hire collaborators in the US. 

Goal: Boost your startup’s growth. Despite ubiquitous connectivity, face-to-face meetings remain crucial to establishing and maintaining lasting business relationships. If your market is in the US, having a local presence sends a signal of reliability, accessibility and trust – a key to building networks.
In two or three months you can build up a local presence, acquire new customers and strengthen relationships to existing ones. Talk to users, clients and investors to vet your product and business model. Boost the growth of your network by attending events and connecting with peers, corporations, research labs, service providers or talents for your company.


  • Three months in the startup hubs of your choice (up to three locations)
  • Weekly meetings with the swissnex team to set goals and track progress
  • Targeted introductions to relevant contacts (customers, partners, talents, investors, …)
  • Up to 12 hours of expert coaching
  • Support with communication in the US market
  • Up to 10 workshop or training hours with our partner institutions
  • 24/7 access to desk and office infrastructure
  • Stipend for travel and accommodations

Eligibility & Contact

All startups in the CTI coaching program may apply for our programs. If you’re not in the CTI program, consider joining it. Send your inquiry to or fill out our form.