Target: Early-stage / stealth mode start-ups

Goal:  Validate your product and business model. In today’s fast moving innovation landscape, startups cannot afford to build a product in isolation. Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C space, getting a chance to gauge market demand and collect feedback from potential customers, partners and investors early on can be a make or break exercise.
The Validation Camp is your opportunity to test your ideas directly with other visionary creators, early adopters and important investors willing to place their bet on the next big thing. Getting market feedback in a timely manner requires strong connections to innovation leaders – users, corporate partners, research labs, or investors.


  • 1 month in your choice of startup hubs (up to 2 locations)
  • Weekly meetings with the swissnex team to set goals and track progress
  • Targeted introductions to relevant contacts (corporate, peers, investors, …)
  • Access to up to 4 hours of coaching from our experts
  • Support with adaptation of communications materials to fit US style and tone
  • Participate in up to 4 hours of workshops / training at our partner institutions
  • 24/7 access to desk and office infrastructure
  • Stipend for travel and accommodations

Eligibility & Contact

All startups in the CTI coaching program may apply for our programs. If you’re not in the CTI program, consider joining it. Send your inquiry to or fill out our form.