Media in New York

New York has overtaken Tokyo as the city with the largest media sector. In spite of the rapid transformations of the industry, the NYC media sector has grown at a steady clip since 2012, embracing the tech revolution and buttressing it with an emphasis on content production. This section will list some key facts and figures such as:

  • Size and growth of the media-related economy.
  • Figures about how many people it employs.
  • Link to the NYCEDC pages that are relevant
  • Important Maps and Figures
  • Upcoming events in the Sector

How are we connected?

Since establishing an office of swissnex in the Big Apple in 2013, we have helped major Swiss media organizations connect with the US’s major media players, from established powerhouses like CNN, NBC, and the New York Times, to alternative players like Buzzfeed, Vice Media, NowThis, Quartz, and Civil Media. All the while, we have maintained our strong links to academia, with such research centers as Columbia University's Brown Institute and the Tow Center for Digital Journalism.  As of result of in-depth conversations under Chatham House rules, site visits, and inquiries into the challenges and opportunities made possible by swissnex, Swiss companies have worked to rethink product offerings and strategies.

How can we help you?

  1. We host and help Swiss startups in the media and entertainment industries. Media-related startups we have helped include Fanpictor, Memoways, Prodibi, and
  2. We provide scouting and organizing services for ecosystem deep dive tours. Ask us here.
  3. We set up events on innovation in the media landscape for ourselves, and for our partners. Reach out to us.

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