Swiss Start-Up Corner at the Internet Week New York, 19-23 May 2014

From gaming to finance technology to e-commerce, the next generation of Swiss internet entrepreneurs were present at Internet Week New York 2014

As an official partner of the event, swissnex invited a group of most promising Swiss internet start-ups to join the Swiss booth at Metropolitan Pavilion, the epicenter of the Internet Week New York 2014 from May 19- May 23. The four days long festival provided the Swiss entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase and pitch their products in front the Internet and digital media community of New York. 

Swiss Exhibitors included:

Gbanga is an award-winning location-aware massive multiplayer mobile game (LMMOG), often described as an alternative reality game (ARG), a trans-reality game (TRG) or mixed-reality entertainment. It is developed by Millform. By visiting any real-world location with their mobile phone, players accordingly move within Gbanga’s virtual world. They play, connect and share items and information on the move.

DealMarket is a global online platform for fundraising and deal flow management – a one-stop shop for Private Equity. DealMarket counts 70’000+ users from 150 countries; more than 3’000 deals & service providers are listed and hundreds of investors, associations and networks trust their comprehensive service offering including:

  • DealMarketPLACE, a free marketplace to find investment deals & capital (with no commission)
  • DealMarketSTORE offers affordable access to industry-leading third-party information & services on demand 
  • DealMarketOFFICE is a state-of-the-art deal flow management & deal exchange tool, helping investors & networks to capture, store, manage & share their deal flow more efficiently.

Instahive is a social app that focuses on building temporary micro-communities around events. Our product is based on native apps backed by a web platform. Our vision is to empower people at events to share their experiences with one another, get to know each other and digitally enhance their physical event experience. The idea evolved from being a simple ticketing and entry management solution to further meet the needs of the new mobile age. Connecting likeminded people with each other and bringing artists, event organizers and brands closer to their audiences is our core competency and mission. 

Headstore E-Communication is the next level of E-Commerce. Headsore opens a new business channel to sell know-how, information, advice, online through live video-communication. Easily embed Headstore on your portal, and brand it as yours. Set your own price, and communicate live one to one by video or voice. Your customers pay you by minute with the option of their choice. Manage everything on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop and get paid for the know-how you share. Next to your presence on LinkedIn and twitter, Headstore becomes the perfect business channel.

The presence of swissnex at the Internet Week was made possible by the support of SWITCH


About the Internet Week New York:

Founded in 2008, he event supports "New York’s vibrant tech-based economy and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit and global impact of technology on business, entertainment and culture. The festival highlights the innovators building the new economy and creating opportunity, while educating and empowering attendees to succeed. The festival is part of an always-on movement in support of the tech community and the industries so important to global competitiveness" Internet Week has grown from a few events in 2008 to a bustling week of 45,000 people participating in over 250 events around the city — called Citywide Events. In addition, there is a festival headquarters that alone sees 10,000 people coming through it. It has grown into something amazing.