Why New York City?

Granted, you may know that New York is a great location for finance, advertising, media, and fashion. But do you know that New York consistently ranks second -- right behind Silicon Valley -- in total amount of VC funding? Do you know that New York has the largest number of university students in the nation? Do you know that the city is home to a vast and bustling tech startup scene?

Well, we are here because we do know! And because whether you are a Swiss tech startup, a researcher, or the person in charge of innovation at a big Swiss company, whether your field of expertise is food, health, or design, swissnex is here to help you navigate the city's dense and rich innovation ecosystem.

No matter what your field is, it is more than likely that you will find what you need in New York. Here are four key sectors in which of growing relevance to Swiss organization, and for which we are able to provide innovation services.

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